CC0 DAO x K$D: Right Click Save Codex (RCSC)

It’s becoming increasingly clear to those authentically pioneering and building in web3 of just how essential CC0 is for routing web3 in defensible, sustainable and advancing mechanisms for wealth generation from the composable content layer on up.

RCSC is an evergreen series of CC0 jam sessions across all of the networked spaces within K$D. This series brings together creatives across all sectors and industries to co-create CC0 NFTs with unique value and rich stories.

Refactoring the rules of the game, RCSC attracts, catalyses and spreads the precise means of creating wealth in ways that are accessible to all and entirely native to web3 principles.

CC0 content is an essential sustainable advantage of the modern decentralised factory. It is a Kinetic Principle because it’s a required mechanism to sustain, defend and advance the functioning of the refactory.

The programmability of interactive immersive spaces amplifies the capacity to advance the decentralisation and reconfiguration of the factory model into new forms built on personal ownership and self sovereign stake.

The content collections produced during each session are sold on the respective NFT marketplaces of each of the spaces hosting the events, with revenue from sales self-routed to each contributor and collaborator involved.

All content is also added to the Meta Source Vaults.

The first event is being held this Thursday February 17th at LUME Studios — one of K$D’s steward locations.

See the Eventbrite link for more details and reach out for the password to get a ticket!

Learn more about joining CC0 DAO and follow our accounts to stay up to date!



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Copyright Cartel: 0

Copyright Cartel: 0

The Copyright Cartel: 0 (CC:0) DAO is a dedicated Web3 Creative Commons DAO, focusing specifically on indie fashion and other creative derivative markets. #cc0