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4 min readMar 30, 2022


A cc0 content auction, every day, forever.

CC0 DAO x DIGITALAX is excited to announce the launch of the Daily CC0 Auctions!


Every 24 hours a new cc0 NFT goes to public auction on Ethereum and can be bid on to be owned by you. The cc0 NFTs placed on auction are curated by the DAO and represent far more than just their content display. They are also access keys into the DAO, representative of your voting weight within governance, curation and staking settings.

The contracts are forked directly from the Nouns DAO repo with a few novel customisations by the Metaverse Engineers as follows;

  • Integration of multi-token payments for accepting bids in various ERC-20 tokens including $MONA token. We also added the ability to freeze certain payment methods in case we need to do so.
  • In order to support ERC20 payment, we also added an oracle feed to the auction house contract.
  • Full deployment to Polygon Network
  • Custom deployment scripts for editing names and ticker symbols.
  • Reduced gas fees where NFTs are only minted on a successful auction with 1 or more bids above the reserve price. If there is little interest in a certain NFT, it will simply not mint. The current nouns code always mints, and is actually more costly if there is no successful bid as this requires a subsequent burn.
  • Updated the Nouns DAO subgraph code and Frontend code to meet our standards for UI/UX as well as respond to the necessary contract changes.
  • Upgradeable versions of the contracts. In the future upgrade permissions can be forwarded on to a DAO or simply to the dead address to make the contracts fully immutable.
  • See the repo here.

The first CC0 NFT to go live for auction is titled “Stop Putin Arm Ukraine”.

Speaking directly to the unconscionable assault the Russian dictator has perpetrated against the Ukrainian people and the entire world.

The petty dictator shakes in terror with a paranoid anxiety he might be culturally ‘cancelled’. Sad little snowflake should worry more about how badly he’s losing the hideous war he started.

You can start bidding here.

  • What is the difference between the public and DAO only auction?

If an auction reserve is not met for the public auction on Ethereum, this NFT is put up for auction on Polygon Network in a DAO only bid setting. This means that you must be a member of the DAO to bid and hold $CC0 token to bid with. $CC0 token is distributed to members of the DAO.

This dual model exists to establish and reinforce the value of CC0 content, particularly at a time when it is not yet wildly understood.

  • How do I submit art to be bid on?

The cc0 NFTs placed on auction are curated by the DAO and represent far more than just their content display. To have your art included, onboard as part of the Web3 Creative Residency. Join our discord server and reach out so we can guide you towards the next actions!

  • Why have a reserve?

Unlike the conventional wisdom of the copyright cartel dominated old world, cc0 doesn’t mean no path to profit. In fact, it’s the exact opposite — but, if you’re here you probably know that already.

The reserve component of the interval auction mechanism functions as a way to distinctly capture and convey a rising minimum value of high quality content that has been fully unleashed to drive greater amounts of source material, derivatives and hyper scale amplification of meaningful messages and stories across the metaverse.

The auction reserves are determined through DAO governance.

  • What is $CC0?

This is the native token for the DAO and is distributed to members through staking, direct contributions and other means.

  • What happens every 15 days?

Every 15 days the cc0 NFT that would otherwise go to public auction is automatically transferred to the CC0 DAO treasury to serve as cornerstones of the CC0 DAO vault.

  • Is the code cc0?

Yes. And it’s been forked directly from NounsDAO with a few custom tweaks added. You’re encouraged and welcomed to do the same before you pass it along.

Learn more about joining CC0 DAO and follow our accounts to stay up to date!



Copyright Cartel: 0

The Copyright Cartel: 0 (CC:0) DAO is a dedicated Web3 Creative Commons DAO, focusing specifically on indie fashion and other creative derivative markets. #cc0